Yoga philosophy teaches us that the world of Maya is the world of illusion, saying that the world of: talk radio, Trump, even our own lives  – as we see it and feel it – isn’t real, they are all part of the illusionary world.


Trump exemplifies better, probably than any other current living entity what Maya is all about. Trump is a suffering individual. who has spent his entire life learning to hone his skills of being fake and disingenuous, the opposite of yoga.

As a narcissist, he thinks that he sees the big picture, and gets it better than anyone else. His Tweets and actions  are calculated to primarily – if we haven’t learned it by now – to provoke others who think normally, selflessly and with fairness in mind.

So why is Trump so important when we are talking about Maya? It’s because he is such a great example of what we don’t want to be as yogis and what humanity should strive to separate itself away from: ego!

Another planet


There always seems to be in the news, a certain level of coverage towards the discovery of news planets, many light years away.

Moreover,  with these stories, there’s always talk how these planets are “Earth like” and how one day we will be able to inhabit one  and save ourselves: Humanity.

An Earth like planet

This is based premise that  humanity will need to find a new planet because we will have raped and pillaged this one for good in 20 years or we will need  another. This thinking is Maya.

Without getting into the numbers, the reality that we’re going that somehow  have the technology to bring a  chunk or the majority of humanity to another ” Earth like planet” in the next 20 years is crazy.  It simply can’t happen and won’t happen.

To Sum Up

What it comes down to is, what yoga teaches (and yoga teacher training as well will teach you) us,  it is about ourselves. It is how we examine ourselves, how we treat other people and how we realize that most of the energy we get caught up in comes from trying to find happiness externally!

Doing this would cuts down on most the issues in the world.  Maya teaches us that we must always strive to look at the world for what is really going on. It teaches us to  stop taking diversions or evasions from our own problems and shows us that we each have the ability to make ourselves happy.

When we make ourselves happy, we make others happy and we contribute to the world; as opposed to taking away from it.

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