What Is Yoga?:History

Yoga is 1000 year old practice stepping out of the Indus Valley and what is modern day India. It means to yoke the union of harnessing the reptile brain with the higher awareness of the forebrain. That’s what we know has wisdom, intuition our inner voice!

A young kids yoga class doing meditation

What Is Yoga?: What It Is

Yoga in its simplest form is not looking outside oneself for fulfillment. It is the realization that we are born with everything we need to be happy. We live in a world that is conditioned on everything:  people trade-off love for accepting unhealthy behaviors of others. Or people work too much or jobs to live up an image of being better than others. And all these things are conditioned on what others think. End that is not a recipe for a calmness and tranquility.

a large group of people doing yoga in India

What Is Yoga?: Similarities

The Bible states be still and know that I am God. Yoga in a sense says the same thing that when really quin the mind we begin to realize that there is magic in our existence in our short time on this Earth. And that the more we delve inside the more we begin to find an endless amount of dormant energy lies within all of us.

Wise men for thousands of years in India have spent their entire existence practicing the yamas and niyamas. These are the social and personal rules of yoga. These wise men do yoga in the mornings, meditating for hours and then do yoga again and repeat that every day for their entire lives. They give up sex and other thing most human do. They do this to get closer to god by acting like god.

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