As Buddha said under the Fig tree thousands of years ago: life is suffering. If we accept this truth than life is no longer suffering.


What does that mean in a modern day? Regardless of where you live Toronto, Montreal or Vanvouver, it means societies are designed to help us avoid this truth. Social media helps us to be distracted. We are consumed with identity and with ego and are consumed in activities that waste our precious spirit and soul.

Yoga, as does meditation, helps us to realize the truth in our lives, the truth that above these distractions  there is a purpose for each of us. To give us the ability the move beyond the superficial and the illusions of this world - the world of Maya - to be able to go within, to find our purpose.

When We Do This

When people can deal with issues without being burdened with ideas of how things should be or what has happened to them as regrets, you can begin to tune into a power that is very real and there.

Yoga, yoga teacher training, meditation helps you to dial in to this. Life is suffering, but that is something that should be rejoiced, as opposed to avoided.

When we stop and face our fears, we no longer let that fear  own us and possibilities open up in the universe and we change at the very cellular level.

When we expand ourselves to people, ideas and things we not only begin to live in the moment, we begin to find out who we our, our dharma, our divine life purpose.

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