Young Man

As a young man I felt a very strong magnetic pull towards being a seeker of enlightenment. I dove very deeply into expanding my meditation and healing tools in search of a path towards enlightenment. 

Wherever in Canada you are – VancouverCalgaryEdmontonSaskatoonReginaWinnipegOttawaTorontoHamiltonHalifax or Montreal,  St John’s – yoga (or doing a yoga teacher training) will accelerate your rate of speed to comprehend consciousness. 


At that point in time I would have said that Enlightenment is an all encompassing vibration of deep Nirvana to live the experiences of life through. 

Along the way I found myself gravitating to experimenting with the teaching of the Buddha. Using the vehicle of meditation to release the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from achieving enlightenment. 


Almost like trying to force the expanding depths of conceptual understanding of consciousness. This caused a little more stress than wanted but it helped to lead me to a path of devotion and surrender

Surrendering to the flow of Universal creation in an ever increasing trust to be guided to oneness and enlightenment. Over a period of time the seeking of enlightenment shifted to welcoming it’s blessing if/when it happens, in this life or another. 


The drive of this life experience of mine is built on a deep level of gratitude/appreciation for life and creation. 

Up until this moment in my existence I have not yet met a person that even claimed to be enlightened. 

So, leaving me with no frame of reference from anyone on actual accounts of what enlightenment truly means. It does however, raise a few questions for me such as how would we know if we were to become enlightened? 

Would it feel like a natural one foot in front of the other process to opening that level of awareness

Would it be a lightbulb moment where everything you thought you knew had changed? These are some questions that prompt me to ask them about this topic. 

Although, as I gain more life experience I feel that if I had to take an educated guess as to what enlightenment means I would say something like, Enlightenment is the complete embodiment of the true self. 


The God inside me is at one with me inside of God. The ability to feel the love and joy of creation in each moment while being able to witness and experience our karma in real time. 

This is just part of my evolution of thoughts and understanding upon the meaning of enlightenment. 

The topic of Yoga and the practice of Yoga have allowed for a deeper connection to the experience of enlightenment if only for a few moments. Using tools and technology to open a window which will allow us 


Yogi’s to breathe the sweet fresh air of connection with infinity. This would be about as close I have felt like I have been able to come into understanding the true meaning of Enlightenment

My days of seeking have gently softened into experiences of allowing enlightenment to find its way to me whenever this karmic path guides me to it.