To Begin

So you are going to be a yoga instructor (i.e. taking a yoga teacher training program)? Signed up for a course already? Congratulations! Welcome to the club! This is meant to help you get prepared for the course and enlightenment you are about to experience.

Prepare Your Meals.

This may sound easy, but what you put in yourself will show later. It is recommended to not eat heavy meals before class (I mean, stretching and relaxing your body after McDonalds – I don’t think I need to explain further). Eat healthier, it’s good for you and makes the hours of yoga ahead of you better on your stomach. Eat before yoga, but try not to eat immediately before. Yoga with cramps is not fun.

If you work a day job while attending your yoga instructing course (yoga teacher training) and attend class after, meal plan. Cook all your dinners to take with you to work or so you can grab-and-go from the fridge to take with you.

Looking a yoga manual in a yoga teacher trianing class

Adjust work schedule

If you work, make sure the schedule doesn’t conflict or leave you in a situation you regret. Get enough sleep so you can be well rested and clear headed for class.

If you work nights and attend days, or vice versa, ensure your downtime and make sure you still have time to eat. Your body will thank you soon, and so will your practice for retaining information better.

Ensure You Have Everything You Need

Does your program provide mats as a feature, or are you responsible for having one? Do you have any yoga appropriate clothing? Can you ensure transportation to get you on time (try for 15 minutes early to prep) and home if running late (I live in Victoria, BC and buses are not the best here, maybe they are better in Vancouver or Hamilton)? These are all things to consider before hand. Inquire with your teacher if you are unsure about mats.

Make sure the clothing you wear can be flexible enough to stretch with you, and not awkwardly be seen through to when bending over. Make sure your shirt is breathable and doesn’t expose or let anything fall out. Map out bussing and driving routes so you don’t get lost. It will be much easier to be excited when you aren’t overwhelmed with time and prep an hour before class.

Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training 101: Research What You Are Going To Learn

If you are new to this, at least read up on what you are learning. If you have never done yoga, maybe attend a class, look up some videos online. If book work is involved, then get started on it a little early if your schedule or teacher permits.

The history of yoga is very interesting, and bookstores/libraries are a great source of knowledge as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask yourself what you would like to know or don’t know, whether new to the practice or not, and do a little learning off the mat.

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