yoga-teacher-leading-a-yoga-classHow To Get A Yoga Teaching Job Post Covid?

So you just did a 3 month yoga teacher training (ytt) learning about yoga poses and the philosophy of yoga. 

And as you sit at your local Starbucks you start to realize that many, many yoga studios have closed because of Covid.

How Did Covid Change The Yoga Industry?

In a nutshell, the COVID-19 had a significant impact on yoga teacher training; primarily in person programs had to be canceled or even postponed. Many in the short or in the long-term, shifted to online virtual formats, via Zoom or Google Meet.

student-practicing-yoga-poses-in-a-yoga-teacher-trainingIn some aspects the online training has allowed people in remote locations the ability to take qualified and certified ytt programs. And the lower costs of offering yoga teacher trainings online has allowed other teachers to get into the ytt game.

In summary, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in online yoga teacher training programs.

How To Get A Yoga Job Post Covid?

Do The Heavy Work: If you have done intense yoga teacher training, you’re going to need practical teaching experience to even get to a base level as a yoga teacher. The training in a 200 hour yoga teacher training gives you exposure only to the many yoga topics and poses. 

So even if it’s just offering yoga classes at your office or to your family a few times a week, you need to do that for at least a year to develop that confidence that is so core to being a yoga teacher. So do the heavy work.

Honestly, as a yoga teacher myself in Victoria and Vancouver, alternative to that is that if you want to become  a yoga teacher quickly, you need to volunteer your time. You need to get allot od experience because only with experience are you going to be able to hone your teaching skills and that’s going to build teaching confidence.

Also anyone hiring you will quickly know if you have teaching skill and that’s going to put them into an advantageous position, hiring wise.

a-sucessful-yoga-teacher-adjusting-a-studentDo Your Own Thing: Contrary to this blog, given everything that’s happened in the yoga industry especially around Covid, the opportunities of creating your own job business are quite endless now in yoga. People want in person yoga teacher trainings more than ever. 

You can create the job yourself. Limitation of money and/or time I suggest you go online and start there. And the feedback and experiences you have there will give you the money and ideas to take it in the right direction for you.

Sum Up

Covid had a massive effect on yoga teacher training and teaching jobs. But in the end, it doesn’t have to limit one from getting a job as a yoga teacher. This new world of yoga is one where the online format is another new powerful tool to gain yoga jobs permanently. 

Having said that, remember yoga teachers are still a saturation in the yoga industry. But if yoga is a passion and you put the effort in, you will stand out and you will find a part-time or full time career as a yoga teacher!