Mindful-mediationHow Does Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training Help You Personally

So how does yoga and yoga teacher training help you personally? Well you don’t need to be living under a rock to see how yoga studios are filling again with yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings (ytt). Now that we’re in post-Covid – and teaching yoga for almost 10 years and practicing it for almost 20 years – I would have to tell you I’m not sure if anybody really understands all of how yoga and ytt  help us personally.

Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

Improved Physical Health: Yoga and yoga teacher trainings helps to improve flexibility, balance, strength and can have a positive effect on insomnia, high blood pressure and some chronic pains.

Stress and Anxiety: It’s mainly mindfulness and pranayama – breath work – that we learn in yoga classes and yoga trainings can both help us to calm the mind. Doing this, the breath in turn tricks the body into relaxing the mind’s chatter, which helps to reduce stress.

yoga class at kits in VancouverSelf-Awareness: There is a pattern within yoga and ytt that the more you do the more we just accept  being ourselves. As I said above, yoga lowers the number of breaths and the stress you feel in your muscles. So that in turn gets you in contact with the patterns in your mind.

And that helps you to understand where you’re being non-genuine in your life and following paths that don’t suit you at your core/soul level.

Mental Clarity: Practicing yoga helps to improve focus and concentration. It also has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of  mild depression.

Improved Relationships: Lastly, yoga and yoga teacher training also helps us to cultivate more compassion, understanding and patience; which are essential things to managing and improving relationships with friends, family and coworkers.

Students in a yoga teacher trainingIn The End

Overall, the practice of yoga and ytt has the potential to bring many physical, mental, and emotional benefits, and can help people to live a more balanced, happy and fulfilling life.