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10. Being Of Services To Others

There’s more to teaching yoga (thus a yoga teacher training or YTT) than simply teaching poses, it can help others on their journeys in a selfless way.

This works out instead of trying to tell others what you think is right, you give them the tools to take the paths which they feel are right for themselves in life.

9. Doing A YTT Brings You Back To Childhood 

We get yoga bliss with each and every other class that we do. So the more we practice yoga, the more we start to let go of the barriers between us and others. Thus we beginning to live more in the moment, like children.

8. A YTT Helps You To See How The Body Works With The Poses

Anatomy is  a large part of a ytt. Many people are familiar with the main poses in a yoga class. When we do a yoga teacher training, we begin to know what are the right contractions and stretches in each yoga poses. 

We also begin to use the breath in the right ways coming in and out of poses. With this knowledge, we are more effective in helping to apply the benefits of yoga, as they were originally intended by the rishi(s) when they first conveyed yoga. 

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7. Being In A Kula

I’m sure many of us after taking yoga classes felt different going from closed off to wanting to hug everyone. Now multiply that by ten and you begin to understand how doing a yoga teacher training with others starts to form and create a family like group.  

These are true friendships you will have through life;  people who will support you at different times of your life journey.

6. It Changes Your Negative Energy Into Positive

This is more than just simply thinking more positively. We are talking about how a yoga teacher training makes you start to stop reacting  to everything and start seeing the big picture of things.

So getting past the superficialness which is really just a way of protecting oneself and beginning to access your more genuine self, which is more compassionate and loving. 

4. Connecting With Your Real Thoughts And Feelings

It is said that it takes 28 days to change any habit. So when you do a yoga teacher training, you’re doing yoga several times a day; as well as meditating. Doing this much meditation and yoga helps one to really get connected with their true inner thoughts and feelings.

3. A YTT Helps You To Let Go Of Things

The biggest issue for most people is letting things go. It is the ego  that makes us unable to do this because people rationalize  things too much and this in turn only makes letting go of the past harder.

Regardless of how bad  your past, after doing a yoga teacher training; we become aware of our ego and our soul. And we begin to see how they are completely separate things.

This helps us to see that letting things go isn’t a matter of letting others get away with things. It’s allowing us to end the cage that we put ourselves in by endlessly holding energy negatively regarding past things that have happened to us. 

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2. Finding Our Spiritual Part Again

You can believe in God or not, but doing a yoga teacher training, at a minimum, brings out the spiritual part of yourself. With that you will begin to gravitate towards people and things which are more genuine and true.

1.Finding Your Genuine Self

The one thing that will be life-changing doing a yoga teacher training, is you will most likely find your genuine self again. 

Many people in society have forgotten or have never been aware that there was – at one time –  a part of them that journeyed through life in a relaxed and naturally present way. 

When we find our genuine self again, we begin to gravitate to people who are more real and genuine again. 

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These are just 10 ways a yoga teacher training can change your life. There are many more, but at the end of the day, doing a yoga teacher training is one of the best investments you can make in your life.