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When To Do Yoga Teacher Training?

Regardless of where you live be it Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, yoga and yoga teacher training (ryt 200 or ytt) have been tremendously affected by Covid with many yoga studios have closed around the world. 

Covid has also made yoga more popular than ever. This is because yoga gave people due to the lockdowns everywhere, a chance to look more at their lives.  To look within and yoga was the perfect tool for the lockdowns.

Covid & RYT 200

One of the primary ways that yoga teacher training changed with Covid-19 was it was delivered completely online. Zoom, Skype and Google Meet all became the new tools in teaching future yoga teachers.

As humanity struggles with more than just Covid over the next 20 years, interests with spirituality will increase.  So yoga teacher trainings will become more popular because of that.

Ready To Teach

Aside to Covid, many people go to yoga studios over years and are happy to just go to the favorite yoga teacher or  favorite yoga class. However,  about 10% of yoga practitioners feel inclined to teach yoga and share the beauty of yoga with others. 

These are people who yoga has had a massive positive transformation on their lives.

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You Want To Expand Your Personal Practice

Aside from Covid and the desire to teach, some  people just want to learn more about yoga. As yoga is not a discipline taught at colleges and Universities, so really the only way to learn more about yoga is taking a yoga teacher training. 

So many who take yoga teacher trainings, never teach but go on to enrich and enhance their own personal yoga practices.

In Sum

Whatever your reason for wanting to take a yoga teacher training, be it due to Covid or a desire  to teach it or just to expand your own person practice, taking a yoga teacher training can have a tremendously positive effect on your own personal and work life, as well as for  your family and friends.

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