Regardless if you live in Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, or Halifax or another part of Canada or if you are religious or not,  most people believe that within themselves there is a soul. But what is the soul? Realistically the soul is the definition of what a human being is. 

The word soul describes both the material and immaterial aspects of humanity. Subsequently, humans have two major factors to make them well, humans. The two factors are, soul and body. I would love to dive into these topics to make sense of what my idea of the soul is and what it means to me right now.   


Our souls are our whole consciousness, our grounded being. The soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence of each living being. Additionally, You and I consist of a soul, everyone of us on this planet has a soul. It doesn’t matter how good or bad of a person you are. 

Whether you harm others, give the clothes of your back for others, or how selfish you may be, regardless of if you are religious or not. As a result, its evident we all have a soul. Everything we are as a human being is our soul. It is you, your identity, your thought, personality, that has a memory, understanding and will. Separating the soul from the spirit, which refers to the seat of emotion. 

The Body

Therefore, the soul is not the physical body. This is insinuating that everyone does have a soul and it in fact differs from the physical body. Our souls can’t deteriorate or die like our physical bodies eventually do. 

As you learn  practicing yoga or doing a yoga teacher training, the soul however, is immortal and unchanging. I love the phrase “I have a body, but I am not my body” which clearly concludes that we are our souls. Something far more than a physical body and way more complex. Essentially, stating that we are not our bodies but rather our souls just rent out our body for a short amount of time.  


The soul is joined with our spirit and body during its short but necessary time on this planet. Ultimately, it is up to whomever you ask what their beliefs are about what happens to the soul once we die. 

Allowing the body to return to durst. My belief would be that the soul is immortal and inhabits a host until it dies. The subject of dying and what happens to the soul developed from multiple religious and non religious opinions throughout existence. 

In End

In conclusion, wrapping up all my ideas of what my idea of what the soul is, I would say it is the most important thing about being human and what makes us unique individuals. 

Of course, two bodies can’t measure up to be the same. Closest situation would be from sets of identical twins. Yet there will always be multiple attribute’s that separate the two physical bodies. 

As for the soul, there is not two souls remotely or at all like each other. Leaving us to allow the soul to carve us into our place on this planet and making our foot print on this earth during the short time we are here.