Regardless if you live in Toronto, Vancouver or Victoria, yoga is the fastest growing sport in North America, growing on average, about 30 percent each year. This is up from 20 percent per year, just 5 years ago.

In North America,  about 50 million people now are practicing yoga or about 15 percent of the population. So why do we practice yoga and why is it growing so fast in North America specifically?

North America

In North America specifically people are more stressed and fearful of the future. Depression is on the rise and people simply have lost faith in the materialistic society. Yoga provides people with some kind of sustenance for their spirit. As human beings, we are not just thoughts and feelings,  we are spiritual beings also.

Perfect Fit

Yoga- and yoga teacher training especially – provides a perfect fit to fill this void. People usually start practicing yoga because of a doctor or a friend’s recommendation.

And over time when someone does yoga more and more, they start to feel physically and mentally better.  This is when the emotonal walls go down with others in the world and around them and when we begin to see how our ego gets in way of things.  Yoga also allows people to see how they are fake with themselves and world round them.

girl in a yoga class


In the end, if we stick it out long enough, yoga provides us a conversation with our soul and it is with that, which is the true power of yoga and that in an essence is why yoga grows so fast in today’s world, especially in North America.

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