My Experience

In my years as a yoga teacher trainer all over Canada: Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver, I’ve been surprised by how many people who have come through my  ytt programs have effectively in no way have changed in any form or shape after the program.

In the beginning, I would take this personally, as something failing with me as a yoga trainer. But as I’ve grown in my own yoga practice and by other peoples experiences with my 200 hour program, I’ve come understand that as yoga teaches us where all on our own paths to become happier, enlightened,  and liberated. But we must accept and face our suffering to achieve this and too many people default – even after an expense yoga training – or recoil to what feels safe.

yoga teacher with student

Nothing Else Like It

There is nothing else like yoga. For the little amount of time and effort that one needs to make to it,  nothing else physically or psychologically gives you more back.

Teaching yourself to breathe fully, teaching yourself to be less distracted and attached, filling your body with positive thoughts and food, will not only make you feel physically, mentally and spiritually better; you will also gain a new power of being able to see it all: our past, our present and in many ways our future.

More Braver

The doubt and anxiety of things that were there before,  no longer bother us. This isn’t because we overcome our fear its because we see things for how they are. So yoga just makes us amazingly more braver.

There is nothing greater than yoga. It  can be enhanced by many things: medications, talk therapy, etc. From my experience, those who fail to garner and practice yoga are missing out on the greatest gift ever given to humankind.

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