Trump World

Well Trump’s is more than 300 days into his presidency and the world seemes on alert over every tweet!  For  yogis, this at a minimum seems abnormal and at worst he is  someone to be feared. So what can we do to maintain our yogi mindset in this new Trump world.

Do More Yoga

It might go without saying,  but we can actually calm ourselves in minutes doing  yoga.  If you find you can’t do another 10 or 20 minutes of yoga; then we can do  20 minutes of  our legs up against the wall, it will get the blood flowing. That extra bit, will help you to maintain that happiness inside that we usually achieve when we do yoga. If you want to really jump in, maybe now is the time to take a yoga teacher training program to immerse yourself completely in the clam of yoga.

Unable to do yoga, than meditate  while you have her legs up against the wall for up to an hour.  This can be an incredible way to relax and  help us sleep better and to deal with the stress of daily life and Trump headlines better! 

Students meditating in a yoga class
Students meditating in a yoga class

Remind Yourself Of Reality

Anybody who is a true yogi (and you don’t have to go to yoga teacher training to learn this) is gonna know that what’s going on in the Trump world is the illusion, ie  Maya. Trump, like many poor leaders, is himself deserving of love. He is someone who truly is suffering. He is suffering  from the ability to be vulnerable.

For my guess, Trump is always “on” persona wise! The game is something that even carries over into his personal life. So keeping a clear mind on the fact that Trump is first and foremost a human being. And that he has his reasons for acting the way he does! But overall, he is simply a man, 70 years old and suffering!

See The Big Picture

We must realize that we have had many other unpopular presidents going back even recently to George Bush, who  in 2000, won over Gore in the U.S. Supreme Court decision. Remember how a lot people thought he was way to  aggressive.

Remember his speech early in his president when he said, “if you are not with us, you are then against us”!  The world continued, and he the world move forward (maybe a few steps back while he was president).  And so will the world continue, once Trump is no longer president!

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