A yoga teacher in action

The Pros and Cons of Being a Yoga Instructor

Being a yoga teacher can be a rewarding experience. It is a unique position that allows you to practice and assist others trying to achieve their spiritual journeys.

There are many opportunities being a yoga teacher, as it ever grows exponentially; but there are pros and cons choosing yoga as a full-time career.

yoga teacher adjusting a student
A yoga teacher adjusting a student

The Pros

To be honest being a yoga teacher is a sacrosanct position where you need to be prepared to lead by example. This means you are an open individual, free of any personal internal conflicts and like any other profession.

Its means you look like a professional, you act like a professional and  have the skills of that profession. 

The Cons

On the more negative side, being a full-time yoga teacher financially is not as rewarding as some might think. Many yoga studios have closed across Canada since Covid (you many as 30% of them). So the number of jobs is far less than five years ago.

students in a yoga class
Students in a yoga class

Also yoga teachers are still paid about $20 an hour. Which is not a living wage and the work is not a consistent 9 to 5. Most yoga teachers teach 2 classes back to back daily. So much of their day is not made up of teaching and even teaching two yoga classes a day can put a tremendous stress on a yoga teacher’s body.

So most yoga teachers teach only part-time  out of passion and have other careers or ways of making their living wage.

To Sum

In short, being a yoga teacher is a tremendous and rewarding job. But  you should keep in mind that it is not a 9 to 5 job, it’s pay is not like most professions and many yoga teachers only teach part-time and have other professions as their main way of making money.