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Is Doing A Yoga Teacher Training A Good Investment

I first saw the Apple 2 computer when I was about 10, if I was told by somebody at that point to buy stock in that at that time unknown company I would have laughed.

But if I’d invested  $10 at that time, my return on that would have been somewhere in the ballpark of a million dollars today. 

This is just one example of how certain things may not seem to have a high return on investment initially, but yoga teacher training is one of those investments in my opinion and here’s why.

It Allows You To Be You

The world we live in right now, even most recently with the verdict on the Depp vs  Heard case which counters than me to movement shows that there is a rise nationalism and tribalism throughout the world and all countries seem to be fragmented.

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On top of this, a lot of this is fueled by the rampantness of narcissism throughout all societies. Where is one to find out their own opinions on things; as well as to figure out who they truly are aside to the use of external institutes like universities, churches, etc. 

Yoga is one of the few things that allows one to ground themselves in themselves and to weather all of these transient stages of society and evolution to find calm and peace to pursue one’s own life paths.

It’s Sources As An Incoming: Are Endless

What this means is that yoga is an exponentially growing industry in the Western World specifically. And it can be scaled in so many ways and to so many levels. You can choose to make a livable wage simply by teaching your classes.

Or you can run a chain of yoga studios throughout Canada or you can run a yoga teacher training programs throughout the world. Yoga can be cajoled in many ways and its demand will always be high.

It’s Going To Give You 20 Years On Your Life

It’s no joke that most yoga Masters live well over a hundred and this is for the simple fact of what yoga does the body. Yoga  allows one to be most of the time in a parasympathetic meditative mindset.

This is in contrast to the sympathetic mindset that most of  Society is in. The so called always-on mentality takes a tremendous toll on the body and mind.  This is why so many people who do high stress jobs die on average 20 years prior to when they should.

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The return on doing yoga teacher training is endless. These are just three examples of why the $2,000 investment and doing yoga teacher training can have a tremendous effect on your finances, health and the like.