The History

Many believe Vancouver is the center of yoga and yoga teacher training, but in fact this is wrong. The history of yoga in Europe stretches farther back than that of North America. On a per capita basis, those in Europe practice yoga more than in North America.  

Again, this is the case merely because of the age of North American civilisations. For this reason, yoga in Europe is more integrated. However, with the ever changing social climate in Europe, what is the future of yoga in Europe?


Like much of the western world, Europe is experiencing expansive growth in both population and technology. This means that more people are ready and willing to practice or teach yoga.

Just has we have seen a rapid expansion and acceptance of yoga in North America, Europe too stands to shift its collective perspective on yoga.

Yoga will continue to become more popularized. It is indeed likely that the more spiritual or philosophical aspects of yoga will be lost to many but not all.

Technology & Distance

With the ever growing network of digital technologies, Europe may stand to become a yoga destination. With new teachers beginning their practices daily, there is bound to be a few who attract a global audience.

Further, with the instant nature of these digital technologies, offering yoga trainings, classes or lectures is now even easier. This is one more element that will inevitably attract yoga students to Europe.


If you think your yoga and yoga teacher training career is in Vancouver, you might want to think again. If you are living in Europe and you teach yoga, then the future is yours.

We get to choose how we share yoga with this world, and this is both and gift and a responsibility. Especially if you live in a place where yoga or spirituality is unpopular or ridiculed, it could be a substantial service to share yoga with your community.

So, what exactly is the future of yoga in Europe? It looks bright and has the potential to shift popular culture. All we need is for you to share your unique vision for yoga in your life.