What is Enlightenment? 

In yoga teacher trainings  across Canada  – in VancouverCalgaryEdmontonSaskatoonRegina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal – future yoga teachers come across the word Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is a state where the mind is at peace and thus becomes connected to the pure energy that is our true state.

Enlightenment is bringing peace to the physical to the point where a connection is made.  This state is an achievement of enlightenment. Yoga is a way to have moments of enlightenment, or freedom of the mind.

Long Term

Enlightenment can be long term or short lived depending on the person and their own personal journey.  Enlightenment is that space where space is no longer a reality. Enlightenment is conscious connection to a wise and higher consciousness.

Enlightenment allows one to navigate this world as a divine being, aware and conscious of that which is unknown before enlightenment.  A state where the mind becomes more than a fear factory and starts to reset to a natural state of peace and connection.  Enlightenment is peace of mind and awareness of all.

Enlightenment is a personal journey that many accomplish through yogic practices. Meditation, body care, and breathwork all help to prepare the self to house enlightenment.  Like a fish needs water, enlightenment needs peace to exist in. The person must find the state of being where enlightenment can find them.

Enlightenment is a choice to be connected to truth.  In truth comes awareness. In awareness is a consciousness of divine nature.  A state that is present through the enlightened self.

8 Limbs

The eight limbs of yoga prepare the self to experience enlightenment. A purification process that works through practice and dedication, patience and love.  

The body purified through asanas, the personality purified through Niyamas and Yamas, the mind purified through Pranayama and Pratyahara.  Once a purified presence is obtained, enlightenment is.  

Enlightenment is found without effort it appears when the person elevates themselves to purity, to love.  The connection to truth becomes aligned in current awareness.  As quickly as it appears, a fall to fear will make it disappear.  

It is through the continuous presence of purity of the self that enlightenment will continue to be present.


Yoga is not mat practice, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will allow enlightenment; peace, connection, awareness of purity beyond the self, and divine wisdom become present in the consciousness.  In continuing the eight limbs of yoga in daily living, growth and evolution takes place. 

The transformation of consciousness from the self to enlightened consciousness is sustained through behaviour, thoughts, and body care.  A choice to be really dedicated to this loving practice can only bring good things.

Making pranayama the natural reaction to stress, kindness the reflex of hatred, and love the expression of self, one has begun to bring yoga to their life.  In this choice, right practice can continue to evolve until one is simply aligned in enlightenment.  

Yoga is a chance to be enlightened.  Whether one chooses to accept brief enlightenment moments during Asana practice or wishes to evolve to expand this enlightenment to all of their life, yoga gently supports every choice and continues to transform the dedicated practitioner through body, mind, and spirit.