Can Be Anything

To be aware and present – to be in the now. To breathe and calm the mind with the help of the pranayama breath To not run from thoughts be acknowledge and set them free. To know and feel your true self on another level that may be a new experience.


To feel like you have opened a new door and stepped into the light. To realize some hard, challenging times are a blessing and an honour. Freedom from a feeling of being afraid, closed, shut down, scared, embarrassed, alone I feel enlightened and calm when I practise yoga, the breathe and calming of the mind and being present only on the mat.  When I feel grounded that makes me feel lifted up or what I also call enlightened.


Elightnement can happen anywhere Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver or anywhere  in Canada. To surrender to your present self and feel new. Surrendering to the process of grieving and allowing it to resonate can bring enlightenment if practise this faithfully. Feeling the devine is with you and guiding and helping lift you when you are failing or feeling like you can not cope is enlightenment.

Meditation can help to bring enlightenment. I feel enlightened when I experience my adult children care for their grandmother during her final days. It brings hope to me for their future to carry on with the ability and clarity and love for others and to not just think of themselves.

Gandhi in india

They have watched the care I have chosen to give to my mother for the past 6 years after my father passed away. My mom chose to not grieve, change her personal painful thoughts of being alone without my father and heal her heart no matter how hard I tried to help her to do so. She loved chair yoga and the meditation for a few years.

Unfortunately her enlightenment was short lived but there was some wonderful peace and happiness during her classes. She has been very negative and sad without my father. This has taken a personal toll on me and one that I seek to be enlightened from the pain I am feeling. I look forward to crawling out from this difficult place I have had to live through in the presence of my mother.  I do not regret the time and love that I have given her.


My only sibling, an older brother chose to walk away from the family entirely because he could not handle my mother without the buffer which was my dear, fun, positive and very loving father.

I am sure that was my brothers enlightenment, he expressed to me that he was “not prepared to handle my mothers negativity, so she was mine.” Yoga has given me tools to navigate through this journey.  Yoga teacher training  the abilty to hone the journey even more.  those  Again I see this as enlightenment…surrendering to what is and what is out of my control. Yoga helps me to clear my mind and cope. I crave my yoga sessions.

Yoga has saved me in this life that is ever changing and my goal is to continue to inspire those who are on this path and open this wonderful door up to those who currently are not there yet.

That will enlighten them in their lives in so many wonderful, peaceful, mind settling and encouraging ways.