yoga students engaged in group mantras
Yoga students engaged in group mantras

What is Yoga

Yoga is slowing down. I spent so much of my life wanting to do everything, be the best at
everything and always trying to push myself. Every moment was relentlessly working in every
aspect of my life. Yoga isn’t about who can hit a perfect pose, or who’s improved the much or
how often you practice. Yoga is taking each breath as it comes, focusing on everything and
nothing. Yoga has taught me, and re-affirmed that slow progress, it still progress. While you may
not be able to hold a perfect plank, or a handstand, coming to your mat every chance you get is
your measure of growth.

After a yoga class group of students are hugging feeling good
After a yoga class group of students are hugging feeling good

So Just Be You!

So fall, wobble, stubble and laugh. You came to your mat, you chose to take a moment out of your day for yourself, to slow down and to grow.

What you  learn when you do that – day after day – is than yoga is a metaphor for life. It is a tool to connect us all to the true reality (Maya): That we are all connected and that we are all here for a specific  reason (our Dharma).

When we final stop struggling, the suffering begins to end,  and we can begin to be who we truly are. We will also begin to be happier in our own skin and start living – rather than simply existing  as so many people in our world do!

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