Celebrities Who Practice Yoga 

Some think of celebrities as beings that are greatly different than they are. When in reality celebrities are just like any of us, average people that seem to be known in the media. They eat, they live in homes, they have families, they’re just like us. What you might also not realize is that many celebrities do in fact practice yoga on a daily basis! Jennifer Aniston states that yoga islike meditation. It sort of just allows anything that’s coming at you at the end of the day to be kind of doable.”


There are many actors and actresses that practice yoga daily to be able to quiet their mind and really centre themselves. It makes sense, when you’re living in the busy world of acting. Some of these include;

Matthew Macconaughey at yoga class with Brad Cooper.
Matthew Macconaughey at a yoga class with Brad Cooper.

Matthew McConaughey

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Hudson

Justin Timberlake


Of course everyone should be practicing yoga in an ideal world, but it is even more important that athletes, or anyone living an active lifestyle, practice yoga, especially the asanas. “The soccer star has found relaxation and strength through yoga, and has reportedly practiced couples’ power yoga with his wife, Victoria Beckham, to garner deeper intimacy and connection.” Some other athletes that practice yoga are;

Victoria Beckham striking a yoga pose on a couch
Victoria Beckham striking a yoga pose on a couch

Shaquille O’Neal

LeBron James

Ray Lewis

Victor Cruz


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