How to Live Your Daily Yoga

Yoga is more than just practicing breathing exercises and asanas.  These practices are what contribute to a peaceful state and generous and gracious heart.  Regardless where live in Canada, Vancouver, Victoria,Banff, Jasper Calgary. Edmonton, Hamilton , Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, London,  Halifax.or  St Johns, living daily yoga means being present in all daily activities.  This means not only being present with others, but being present in all we do.  We must try to be mindful in every task we undertake. Washing hands, preparing food, cleaning up, and personal care.  


This allows us to deeply experience every waking moment.  A peaceful and happy daily existence is a life we all wish to achieve. Living a yogic lifestyle includes a lifestyle that enhances physical, mental and spiritual health.  That is, a healthy lifestyle. For many, this equates to daily exercise (asanas), daily meditating, good sleep and a balanced, if not vegetarian diet.  We are what we eat, so eating mindfully and with intent is critical to good health.  There is loads of good nutrition advice about what to eat. Eating mindfully is key to a yogic mindset.  


Methodical yoga practice is a routine practice, often done at the same time each day.  I prefer mornings if possible, as it sets me up for the day. Waking up tight and groggy is eased with a simply set of sun salutations. Similarly, meditating first thing in the morning is a great practice to start your day.  Reading a spiritual text before meditation provides a focused mantra.

Living daily yoga also recognizes a commitment to personal growth and transformation.  Taking positive action in your own life is part of the yogic mindset. This can be facilitated with the help of a guru or spiritual leader.  Reflective journaling is yet another strategy for seeking guidance and self-knowledge. Regularly setting and revisiting goals and objectives works as well.  


Emotional challenges are easily met with a yogic mindset.  Breath through difficulties in your day. Mindfully navigate aggressive personalities.  Monitor your body and its physical responses to people, situations and environments.

Use your breathing toolkit to mindfully let these go.  Be intentional about your associations and where and with whom you spend your time.