Enlightenment: an action or movement – Action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened

Definition: Enlightened: past tense of enlightenment
– Spiritually aware
– Fully comprehending
– Freed from ignorance and misinformation


As we are studying in yoga teacher training I can imagine that enlightenment could cover a whole range of definitions including – the history of change in societies/cultures/countries, individual spiritual growth, health and well being of self and of other sentient beings, good stewardship of the planet we reside on, full awareness of issues, an intent to come from a place of love not fear, and a sense of kindness.


Regardless where we live Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax, enlightenment to me essentially means remembering who we really are, spiritual beings having a human experience.

As I experience it so far, there are moments of clarity and a sense of eternal responsibility for all I do and say. These moments have accumulated in a belief that we are all essentially one or of one mind and our purpose here is to find our way back to who we really are.

That, we are in fact, not separate as we may ‘feel, but that we are one. And the Golden Rule is governing our progress as individuals and as a race populating this planet.

These insights seem to raise the bar and for my drive and sense of purpose for being here. And to live a kinder life with a softer foot print. Plus there is a sense of seeing others as they really are too and not as they may appear to my physical senses.

It also seems to be a step by step process that causes many inner and outer changes in my lifestyle, commitments, physical health, and the people I keep close.

Also, there is less overall interest in money, ego, striving and competition, a western sense of success and appearances and more interest in giving love and helping to relieve suffering.


I do believe that enlightenment can come from anywhere at any time! for some it can be an instant awakening and for others like more its more a process and a journey. But the more enlightened I feel, the more effortless life seems to be! Whereas, when I strive, I seem to suffer.

Not to say there isn’t excellent learning from suffering (!!!) but when I let life live me, I seem to arrive unharmed from whatever journey I have been on! But, but when I try to chase after things, or feel needy, I seem to push things away.

I also believe having a practice which includes down time, going inside, meditation, movement, reading, learning, group work or individual writing and creative times, sleeping, crying (releasing), etc… These practices are all pertinent to for focusing ourselves inward rather than outward, which can have very freeing results.

I think enlightment is the letting go of coping and beliefs and instead being fresh in the moment. We lose the desire to judge ourselves and others and see everything as new. As it really is.

Enlightenment may be simply ‘waking up!’ Being ordinary yet essential to the extraordinary life we live in.


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