There are many benefits of a regular yoga practice. And you dont have to go studio or do a yoga teacher training program to get them. One of the first that comes to mind is: self-care. Yoga provides a place to relax, and ‘maintense program’ when life gets demanding.


If you are anything like me, all forms of self-care go out the window when the demands of life get in the way. During these hectic times, I am lucky to get my teeth brushed and my hair combed.

A daily yoga practice allows me to put myself in the centre, if only for a short time. This not only makes me happier, but allows me to manage stress, time and anxiety.

Daily Yoga

A daily yoga practice allows me to reap the many health benefits of yoga – from improved flexibility, balance, and strength through to clarity in thinking, calmness and a positive outlook.

Yoga provides muscle toning, strengthening your back, and improving your posture, As a form of mindfulness, the heart slows down, the mind clams the body relaxes and takes as much needed mental break. Yoga unplugs us from the demands of our world. Further, due to the relaxing aspects of yoga, it also contributes to a better night’s sleep.


As a well-reputed stress-reduction technique, a regular yoga practice hijacks the stress response. In doing so, yoga provides a bypass to the many negative health outcomes that accompany too much stress. These can include: heart disease, fatigue, obesity, mental ill-health, and various chronic joint conditions.

Inevitably we feel better about ourselves following our yoga practice, instilling a sense of confidence, positive self-esteem, and motivation to make our life matter in making our world and the world a more peaceful place.

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