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How To Avoid Yoga Teacher Burnout

There is a massive excitement to fulfill the dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Once all the hard work is done doing a yoga teacher training (ytt) many think that getting a job is a simple process and one where you will make a good income.

The reality is even with Covid-19, yoga teachers are not paid enough to make a living at, so many are working to the point of being burnt out. So this blog will is to talk about 5 things you can do to avoid burnout as a yoga teacher:

1. Keep Your Personal Practice

This is a simple process. You started doing yoga for a lots of personal reasons and it makes no difference if you’re teaching yoga many times a day or a week. Those same reasons that you started yoga are still reasons you should keep your own personal practice. 

One of the many things that happens when you begin to teach many classes is that you lose a sense of what is important that you.

You lose a sense of balance and you lose a sense of connection with your own internal voice but by keeping your practice you’re able to know when you’re running yourself thin and perhaps even helping you to avoid burnout.

2. Learn To  Say No

This goes with what has already been said: your own personal mental health physical health should be paramount to the job of being a yoga teacher.

If what is being offered to you as far as a yoga teaching does not fit to where you live, your other life responsibilities, then it’s perfectly fine to say no. One of the worst things you can do is sub all over to gain experience and not only get burnout out but also can lead to resentment,

Moreover, saying no doesn’t have to be something that’s done forcefully. There are many gracious ways you can turn down opportunities that don’t suit your own personal goals. Also doing it this way makes this opportunity something that might still be available to you later on. 

online yoga teacher training3. Connect With Other Yoga Teachers

In my years as a yoga teacher, I have become close and have garnered strong genuine relationships with other yoga teachers.

These are people  who I normally wouldn’t be friends with, its yoga that’s is the common denominator between us. But it also describes the idea that they are very different types of people and  energies teaching yoga and this can give a tremendous perspective of how to manage one’s own life as a yoga teacher and  this can help tremendously with avoiding burnout.

4. Invest In Yourself

When I became the other teacher I can remember lots of friends, family and students at times felt I wasn’t laid-back enough to be a yoga teacher. I didn’t really understand what that meant but like anything, yoga teachers are humans, with human needs.

Yoga teachers like anyone should go to your therapist. Do other activities aside from yoga and have interest in other things. If you can’t afford such things, yoga is a perfect thing to exchange the others for such things. Again mental health is important and it’s no different and being a yoga teacher.

students doing a yoga teacher training outside

5. Keep The Yoga Learning Going

It’s okay to have a signature yoga class to find your voice as a yoga teacher. But if that is all you ever teach you will become unpopular and you will lose your passion for teaching yoga.

There are many yoga styles and there are many other careers in yoga, like yoga therapy, so continue your learning of yoga and follow paths of different styles that particular interest you.

Then  take that knowledge and implement that new knowledge into your classes to become a better yoga teacher. Aside to that you should continue to go to other yoga teachers classes; seeing how other yoga teachers  teach and do things effectively. Can renew your passion for teaching and at the end the day make you a better yoga teacher. 

In The End Bad 

If teaching lots of yoga classes is what do you want to do, then nothing should stop you from doing that. But if you’re somebody who’s teaching many of your classes to make a basic living then you need to consider taking the above points to heart to avoid burnout or even realistically looking at finding another source of income to support yourself and consider teaching yoga on a part-time only.