yoga students practicing teaching to each other

Doing  A Yoga Teacher Training For Personal Growth

Okay so the title seems a little strange in that most people think that doing a yoga teacher training (ytt) is about learning to teach yoga. A lesser known fact is many people come in with that idea. But many in the end grow tremendously by doing the ytt.

And in these days post Covid-19 people are coming into ytt to expand on what they’ve already have been learning while being locked down: what makes them happy. Below  are the top three reasons why doing a ytt is good for personal growth.

students practicing a standing pose in yoga teacher training program

You’re Going To Be Exposed To The Yamas & Niyamas

These are the personal codes of yoga, which stem from the yoga sutras, one of the codified holy books of yoga . These codes themselves need to be accomplished prior to doing the other 7 steps of the 8 limbs.  

Primary to these codes is getting into a  routine and working with the natural cycles of nature and being honest with yourself and others; along with other holistic virtues that are important and essential to personal growth.

It’s Going To Allow You To Follow Your Heart More

As we have  written in other blogs on this website, when you do a yoga teacher training you are usually doing yoga several times a day.

And when you’re also doing a lot of yoga, there is absolutely no way to ignore your internal voice/consciousness/soul.  Doing this much yoga you will need to hear what your inner voice has to say. Like telling you: people you should get rid of and what is your direct path to your  personal happiness. 

yoga teacher training program

You Will Be Forced To Be Away From The Noise

Let’s face it, everybody has a cell phone and everybody is connected to their cell phone almost 24/7. When you’re training, any reputable yoga teacher training is not going to let you be on your phone. 

Also doing lots of yoga, you will become aware of your own patterns of thinking and connections to these technologies. This  helps you to see how social media & the internet are primarily tools to wasting your precious time. 

Overall most people living in Canada are not even aware that these platforms are killing their personal growth.

There are just 3 reasons why doing a ytt is good for personal growth.