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3 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Teach Yoga

People usually fall into two categories as yoga practictors: Those seeking to go to yoga once or twice a week and those who feel a greater calling than just going to their favourite yoga classes weekly.

Since Covid, the world has changed a lot in the past few years with yoga teacher training (ytt), there are now online or in person options and in a few weeks you can become a certified and registered yoga teacher. 

And with that you’re on your way to teaching the students yoga poses and  breathwork and essentially you can call yourself a yoga teacher.

But the real question you should be asking is  are you ready to be a yoga teacher to go from being a student to a teacher. Here are 3 ways to know:

1. You Have A Real Yoga Practice

One of the biggest ways to know when you’re ready to do a ytt  is that you practice regularly. And it is not something you have to drag yourself to a studio to do, you do it as a part of your own life and you recognize that in doing a ytt you won’t somehow magically know-it-all after your ytt.

yoga teacher lecturing at yoga teacher training

Too many people rely on the piece of paper – the yoga certificate- and don’t realize the fact that it will take many years for them to not just have a command of the skills of yoga. But to be able to see how they all work together, and to teach them in a genuine and powerful way.

2. It Has Nothing To Do With The Money

Pretty self-explanatory; if you’re wanting to become a yoga teacher because you think it’s a simple way to earn a comfortable living then you are not looking at the reality of it. Most yoga teachers for years after graduating make below or just above the poverty line

There has to be a level of passion. You have to  genuinely want to share  yoga with others over the money. With that passion and the learning the skills and getting your yoga voice, you can earn a respectable livable wage as a yoga teacher. 

3. You Practice A Yoga Lifestyle

Too many people think that this means you have to live a minimalist lifestyle or buy only vegan products. But it’s a lot more than just that. If you’re aware of yoga history you are aware that Karma Yoga is one of the three types of yoga enunciated in the Gita, one of the Holy books of yoga in Hinduism. 

In a sense, what this means is that yoga is about the intent we have in our heart. It is the ability to be kind and respectful to All other people. This is an energy or vibe that we get when we are in the presence of a good person or good yoga teacher.

As said before in other blogs, as  yoga continues to increase in popularity and now that it is delivered online  as well as in person now, there has never been  a better time to become a good teacher, but one should take these 3 points above when doing so.