Girls entering a yoga studio

To live a yoga lifestyle is about approaching life with same consciousness as we would during our
practice. These are things you do not have to take a yoga teacher training program to learn. Simple by bringing a mindfulness to all that we do, while maintaining integrity and compassion in our
daily life. Yoga is much more than just an on the mat practice consisting of postures. There is a
philosophy deeply rooted in spirituality and a code of ethics, referred to as the Yamas and Niyamas in
the Yoga Sutras – The Eight limbs of Yoga, written by Patanjali.

Some basic concepts:

– How we treat others and how we relate; Fairly and lovingly in thought and deed
– Practicing compassion towards ones self and others
– Having an attitude of service
– Cultivating gratitude daily
– Practicing non-judgment
– Being aware of our inner dialogue -and of how we speak to others- lovingly and honestly
– Releasing ourselves and others from perfection
– Creating time and space for the physical and meditative aspect of yoga
– A clean diet
– Finding stillness through a meditative practice
– Being accountable/ responsible for ‘our stuff ‘ and for the energy we project
– To cultivate presence
– To have a non competitive nature

A yoga lifestyle is about honoring ourselves and others. It’s about experiencing life from a balanced,
present state of mind. To bring the essence of the practice of yoga on to the mat, with us off the mat in
our daily lives. Approaching life’s challenges with the same grace, humility and patience. To utilize our
strong connection to our breath, established though our practice, to guide us to remain calm and
grounded. To love and nurture ourselves in body, through a physical practice. To harness our minds
and learn to find our still point through a meditative practice and honor our spirits by committing to our own growth and expansion.