Donald Trump Sitting
Donald Trump Sitting

Yoga in the World Of Trump

Are you stressed out by the election? Try yoga, therapists say; Therapists claim they have seen an uptick in depressed patients this cycle. Many are ‘suffering heart palpitations, fearing the end of the world’

Some therapists are prescribing yoga to help patients calm their nerves! When George W Bush was elected ‘there were a lot of people feeling that the end of the world was coming’. And many people touted the idea of moving to Canada during the Reagan and Nixon campaigns.  

But reactions to this year’s candidates seem more fierce (dailymail). After the November 8 election this year, more people seem to be stressed out according to the survey shown below.

“Adding to the anxiety is the fact that the two candidates in the November 8 election are the most unpopular in modern U.S. history.”

Some 57.5 per cent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, and nearly 54 per cent have an unfavorable view of Clinton, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

There is no data available to quantify the election-related anxiety, but the therapists’ anecdotes give some insight into the state of the national psyche.” (dailymail)

What should voters do to calm their nerves?

The answer is! Stop reading the news and take up yoga! Limiting exposure to the news and taking up breathing exercises and yoga will help to calm physically and mentally. (dailymail) If you have time to read the news that cause your stress, it’s a good idea to do yoga at home or check out yoga class near your house as the more you wait to release the stress, the more you get stress.  Some people may feel that yoga is a bit challenging, you can do a simple meditation such as pranayama (breathing exercise) by focusing on breath and calm your nerves.