Round 1

For anybody who has been out of touch with the rest of the world of Maya, the first round began between Trump and yoga when he was elected over a year ago in November 2016. Of course this is a metaphor. But a metaphor of how individuals of the world’s largest democracy ended up voting a person who is the antithesis of everything that yoga is about. 

Round 2

Trump fits well into the world of Maya (the world of ilusion). This is for the fact that he understands Capitalism probably better than most people. The very things that occupying our time – be that you live in Toronto, Hamilton, Victoria, Vancouver – day to day, like Facebook, Twitter, and what not, are things that he  grasped – through his advisors and from personal use – as powerful ways to convey his dogma, to serve his interests.

Round 3

So how has this hurt yoga? Well you dont have to do a yoga teacher traing progam (ytt) to know the answer is: in no way.

Anyone who is a practicing yoga knows that Trump exemplifies better than anyone else of what we do not want to become as individuals.

Moreover, most people feel that  he should have been ousted from ofice months ago. But within the United States, there is a separation of powers. Moreover multiple investigations going on – which involve him – which to some extent will require a much more direct ‘smoking gun’ related to him directly to remove him from office.


We are approaching the 4th round, which I believe will be one of 15, before we see him leave/removed from office.

The election last week in Alabama for a Senate seat, went to a Democrat.

Moreover,  the Democrat is a civil rights leader, elected in what has traditionally been a long held Republican constituency.

Furthermore, I believe this shows that Trumps win  was more reactionary and brought upon by a slick campaign. A campaign that did not reflect the true attitudes and believes of most Americans.

Moreover, he serves as one last example of how we need to come together with yoga for our common humanity.

As a yogi, there are a lot of lessons to be gained from Trump election. Ones which are positive and more important to focus on then the negative things he does on a day to day basis.

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