Yoga is pretty great. We all start out doing yoga for different reasons but eventually a few of us come back to yoga and practice it on a regular enough basis that over the years we desired to become a yoga teacher. We’re not always sure why but something compels us to want to take that next leap and to learn the craft;  as well as well as the philosophy of being a yoga teacher. Now comes the question: what do you need to know about a yoga teacher training program?

One not all programs are the same, the minimum standard for a yoga teacher training program is the Yoga Alliance registered. But aside to  being registration all programs can be anything from someone simply reading notes and offering some yoga classes on a Saturday afternoon to a program with fully experienced yoga teachers which use technology, interactive teaching techniques as well as discussion groups, etc. So it’s always good to look beyond what is written about the program on the yoga school’s website.

When I first did my yoga teacher training program in Victoria BC I was unimpressed with the level of training; it seemed to me that the school I was more focused on simply getting me through  the program; as opposed to me walking out with some yoga teacher training program with some semblance of yoga skills!

Next concern – aside from the quality of the program – will always be price; if you can afford a quality program which cost a little more versus one that is simply the cheapest locally always chose the more qualified program. Once you’re in yoga teacher training the excitement of starting out with a batch  of freshly new ‘want to be yoga teachers’ is infectious. This will not just simply be you learning again the skills and philosophies of being a yoga teacher, but it will also be a time personal development, one where you – if the program is quality – you will be forced to look at your own issues and your own reasons of why you want to become yoga teacher. If you’re not clear on why you want to be a yoga teacher; then being a yoga teacher will be a struggle! Like any job it will require you to put work into it and there will be days when the money  and the amount of work will not seem worth it. So definitely knowing your why you want to be a yoga teacher is so curisotnal in the end!  Even if you live leave a yoga teacher training program and find the teaching monetarily or for whatever reason is not for you you at least will grow personally doing a yoga teacher training program and that is something that is priceless.