Before I started my yoga teacher training program in 2014, I had for the grandiose ideas that it would be a benevolent fun experience that would lead to a passionate career, full of money and enjoy. Now, two years later I can give you my opinion of  what to expect.


If you have a chance to check out the studio before you sign up and pay your tuition for your yoga teacher training program please do. If you can’t – because the studio as it’s being offered in some far off location  – do as much Google searching for pictures of the place and even the location that the yoga teacher training is being held at!

Aside to the studio, the immediate environment around the studio will have a large effect on the quality of teaching as well.  Construction or noise or some other unexpected thing could seriously erode the quality of the yoga teacher training experience.


All yoga teacher training program this run their programs the same way: usually the day starts out with a yoga class, a break, a yoga lecture, lunch, yoga class discussion on what is being taught that day and then usually the day is finished off with a group yoga class. Academically none of it will be too difficult, but be prepared to do a lot of yoga.

The Practice

The length of yoga teacher training programs can run from anything from a 4 week intense to a full year. You can usually find one to fits your schedule, as well as budget.

The problem with an intense yoga teacher training program is that there’s so much information being taught that most the time it’s really hard to incorporate what you are learning on a personal level and I feel that affects the quality of the experience.

Having said that programs that run over a year which for example meet once a month weekend the  interactions with other students and material too far apart be able to incorporate what you’re learning on a personal level, which is vital when doing yoga teacher training program!

Emotions and Feelings

If you like it or not, even if you feel like you’re totally solid, you’re going experience emotions doing a yoga teacher training program!  It’s going to force you to look at your life, and make you ask the questions “am I really happy”?

Most who want to do a yoga teacher training program feel it’s something we do to acquire skills to teach yoga, but truly at the end of the day, we come to yoga teacher training programs because it’s about us and it’s about us looking at ourselves.

If you’re open to change and want to make your life happier and better, than yoga teacher training will be something you will enjoy; if not you will struggle and maybe even drop out of the program.


Yoga teacher training can be a beautiful experience and be one that will help you have a better life the rest your life, but if you’re not emotionally, financially and prepared in the right ways; it can also be something that will feel like burden and something that you will perhaps regret in the end! I completed my yoga teacher training in Victoria, BC in 2014.