Yoga is the stirring of a dormant energy that often takes places when something drastic happens to someone. It is  usual the pain of a dramatic shift that forces us out of our comfort zone. When this happens we have 3 choices: 1. run from the problem, 2.  deny the problem or 3. face the problem. Yoga helps face, accept and move on when a tragedy happens to us. It allow the perceived pain to having meaning!


When we practice hatha yoga and philosophy – usually through  intense meditation  –  a gradual process begins. We begin to realize we are not separate from others and that essential the body we have is just a vessel  for the soul which is within all of us shining through. It is the acceptance that we are simply here in these bodies to learn the lessons of humanity, love, etc.

Yoga Is Everything

To hear the call is yoga. To do away with convention is yoga. Transformation and surrender is yoga. To be vulnerable is yoga. A connection with all life forms is yoga. Acceptance of who I am is yoga. Yoga brings clarity and purpose. Yoga connects me with people. Yoga is the art of living and dying. Yoga restores sanity.

Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga
Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga

Yoga lets me tap into the flow of life. Yoga is openness. Yoga is grounding. Yoga is revolutionary. Yoga removes obstacles. Yoga makes us all equal and unique at the same time. Yoga is cleansing. Yoga is happiness because it let’s me feel the now. Yoga is being at ease and content. Yoga is simplicity. Yoga is meditation. Yoga is selfless service and devotion.

Yoga is seeing and transcending thought. Yoga is introspection and contemplation. Yoga is laughter and joy. Yoga is peace, power, inspiration and beauty. Yoga is life. It is duality, mutuality and unity. It is relationship with all life and awakening into bliss.

May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated

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