Yoga Training: Continuing Education Credits

With yoga knowledge continually evolving, continuing education is crucial for committed yoga teachers. Here, few tips for getting the most you can out of your time as a student. Like most professions, continuing education is a crucial part of being a yoga teacher.

girl in a continuing education workshop
Girl in a continuing education workshop

According to Yoga Journal, for starters, knowledge about the body and how it specifically applies to the practice of yoga is continually evolving. It is our responsibility as teachers to stay up to date with the current findings—as well as exploring, examining and learning from our own practice (and injuries)—in order to protect our students and teach healthy, sound biomechanics along with more well-rounded classes. 

Yoga Training: Follow Your Passion

First and foremost, choose a workshop that you’re interested in.  We’re all better students when we’re curious about what we’re learning, and our excitement shows up in our teaching.

Yoga Training: Choose A Specialty

Whether it’s anatomical alignment, therapeutics, prenatal, meditation, advanced asanas, philosophy, Ayurveda, or any number of interesting topics, we have the opportunity to specialize our offerings and continue to hone our expertise. Choose your specialty according to the current state of the market or take a look at what types of classes are currently being offered and doing well, which ones have too many teachers, and where there might be a need to fill. Find CE classes that prepare you to do just that.

Girls entering a yoga studio
Girls entering a yoga studio

Yoga Training: Pinpoint Your Weaknesses

Another route to choosing continuing education workshops is to assess your current teaching skills and determine which ones could use a little improving. According to Yoga Journal’s article, recognizing your weakness as a teacher is probably your greatest asset.

Yoga Training: Be Open To New Teachers

When it comes to choosing whom to study with, don’t pigeonhole yourself to one or two teachers. If you find a workshop that you’re interested but don’t know the teacher leading it, do your research. Check out their website and any other online offerings he or she might have. Our studio in Victoria, BC is opened to everyone and provides answers to questions or concerns you may have. Check out our website on FAQ associated with yoga teacher training or continuing education program.

Once You Choose, Commit!

While attending a continuing education workshop or class, both presenters agree that taking notes is the way to get the most out of your learning experience. Show up 100 percent, be present, stay engaged, allow yourself to be challenged, and take notes.

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