the soul rising from a body

Post Covid: What is the soul?

In yoga teacher trainings (YTT) you learn the soul is something that may be hard explained. I’m not quite sure how to start but my thought is it’s the energy of the body. 

To put it simply, your soul is the central part of who we are, it’s your true being. The real person deep inside. And did Covid change this for me in anyway?

It’s All Energy

Life at its core level is energy, the soul is the heart of this energy. I believe our soul is the source of our intuition and higher knowing.

The soul is not something you can lose or can die. It can transform but it can not die.

Someone can be referred to as a lost soul or someone who has lost their way but your soul is never “lost”, you may just lose your connection to it from past or current trauma.

Can you be born without a soul?

I don’t think so, I believe everyone is born with a soul but as stated previously you may be considered a “lost soul”, you have lost connection with your soul from experienced trauma.

the human soul leaving body

If someone becomes disconnected from the soul they may feel numb, Those that experience this may resort to extreme measures to feel.

I think this can lead to things such as addiction. As the “lost soul” may be attempting to either feel or numb themselves from trauma.

Are the soul and the spirit the same thing?

I think the difference between soul and spirit can be somewhat confusing.

My thought is the soul is ongoing, connected with the earth and will reincarnate.

The spirit is cosmic and connected to heaven.

The soul is ongoing but the spirit is not. The soul will reincarnate but the spirit goes to “heaven” if you will.

Why do we have a soul?

The body is a conduit for the soul, I believe the soul reincarnates, lives over many lifetimes and maybe that’s why we refer to some people as an old soul.

People grow and change, I think the reason we have a soul is to help guide us through different stages.  As it has lived many lives.

Is the soul something you can find?

My feeling is to find your soul you need to carve out your own path, question everything, search for something more.

the human soul

I can see how this could take someone out of their comfort zone. Most people opt for the easy comfortable path.

But I’m sure finding and connecting with your soul could be a beautiful spiritual journey If you live your life closely connected with your soul you may not encounter struggle.

Instead you may find peace and comfort in each moment.

What Covid did  teach me is finding and connecting with our soul can be beautiful and true connecting to it gives us access to who we really are.

Making peace with our problems that cause us stress and anxiety by being your true authentic self and walking a path that is true to you helps to connect with your soul daily.