What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment makes your heart and mind completely transform to a place of inner peace and joy.

Why its so big

It can bring you to tears. It takes things that you have burdened your mind and body with and makes it seem like something completely different and insignificant.

We become at one with ourselves…connect with others as well…the walls come down. The ego goes and we see ourselves as more blessed to be part of this universe…connected with so many others.  

You take away the outer shells of people and see them for their hearts.

So many people do not intend to start yoga to become enlightened. I didn’t…I didn’t even know what enlightenment really was.

When it happens

It just happens one day…out of nowhere.  You could be doing the same moves or poses that you have always done.

When it suddenly happens. Its like everything in your life suddenly makes sense. You feel completely joyful and light hearted. It’s a feeling you never want to end. AND the most amazing part is that once it has happened…it is always there.

This is not to say that one can only feel enlightenment through yoga BUT it is pretty much a sure thing if you continue and go deeper into your practice. People can get enlightened through other experiences.

People who have experienced will walk around their day to day lives with a whole new light. They will start to peel back the layers of their lives and start to see a lot of things that suddenly do not matter…the thoughts they used to have seem to have changed.

Beliefs that once existed…material things, they do not seem to be important, it now just looks like stuff. A way that people use to show status, to show importance , to feel better. What people don’t realize that the true happiness is right there within us.

When we have found it, we are able to see it all around us even more. We can literally walk down the street with a permanent smile and look at things in a whole new way. AND the best part as those things will be everywhere!

In people…we will be able to love people…all people. I personally practice agape love. I look at people often, even just walking down the street and in head head say “I love you”. It is a very uplifting experience to be able to truly love people and see them all and yourself as conncted.

In nature, there are so many gifts around us…and we often are missing it…looking for other things to give us happiness. When it is RIGHT there surrounding us. One of my favourite things to do is to walk alone in nature or family…my dog. And instantly feel a connection with the energy of all that is around.


For me enlightenment is being able to feel all of these things and try to be present in what is around us. Whats amazing is we can always come back to it and recenter ourselves. And yoga is the way that I have been able to do this. I hope I can help others find this too.