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I always wonder why more people don’t do yoga in our society! When I meet people out and about doing my shopping and doing daily tasks in Victoria, BC, I always naturally asked people if they’ve ever tried yoga? To be honest in Victoria, probably a good half the people I asked that question to say they have tried yoga. What I am surprised by is that many tell me they’ve tried it once or twice and didn’t get it or   thought it was simply stretching or they did not find it helped them in any way.

Being I am a yoga teacher myself, I immediately launch into my “you gotta try it longer and if you do  it will bring you complete peace”.  So that brings me to the question. Why is it that yoga – although completely free – is something that so many people seem to either dismiss or try it, but do not give it enough effort!

The Answer

The answer, obviously, is the individuals themselves. But Society and how it is set up reinforces this!

Robson Street Vancouver's main consumer street
Shoppers on a main street in Victoria, BC

The way Society is set up, makes it that people can rationally run from pain, run from having to do work on their shortcomings or run from taking responsibility for their problems. Society is set up for medicating, denying and taking the simpler route.

Thus to practice yoga, to the point of realizing its true benefits; one has to truly have somebody strong in their life, like a yoga teacher or yoga guru. Or somebody’s got to go to a yoga studio long enough to get it.

So the majority of people in our Society will not be doing yoga on a daily basis for a very very long time. So yoga will continue to grow at a 20 percent each year and which is very fast.

The truth is we will not see any great shifts in society because of yoga. Even though we need this shift in Canada and the rest of the world to reach ours final stage of humanity: for us to save ourselves!

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