Meditate 3 times a day

OK I know you are asking, if I have 15 minutes, I can’t be meditating 20 minute,s 3 times a day, what I am saying here is that 3 times a day we should meditate for about one minute. This is conscious, not subconscious meditation, so I’m not talking about meditating when you’re still in bed or going to bed. I’m talking about when you’re fully awake, making the effort shut yours eyes, sit down, remove yourself from people and sources of stimuli and noise and to collect your thoughts and to breath slowly.

10 minutes of Poses

A lot of people believe that doing only 10 minutes of poses a day won’t make a difference. But this is wrong, it has been scientifically proven that 1o minutes a day day can make a massive difference in people’s lives.

Also, people think that yoga doesn’t offer any cardio benefits to any extent. That’s true, if you  doing only down dog or  bridge, both I suggest that you do 10 minutes a day of sun salutation with an increasing speed until you reach a point of a mild sweat.



It does not seem like yoga, but if we took 2 or 3 minutes a day to simply write down our thoughts, on our cell phones, laptops or even in pen. I am talking about the main mantras, the main things that are flowing through our head, the same thing that are causing us constant worry!

yoga students doing yoga poeses

When we do this, it will make us much more focused on dealing with the problem, as opposed to dealing with the fear and all the avoidance and pain we usually  associate to unresolved problems. 

That might be a little more than 15 minutes, but generally that’s how you can be a yogi and get the same benefits of someone who practices yoga for over an hour a day.

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