Yoga Teacher Training Class

Yoga is getting more and more popular all over the world, and people practice yoga for different reasons. Some may practice to be in a better shape whereas others may practice to improve health.  The latest Yoga Journal survey reports that the popularity of yoga shows no sign of fading (yogatrial). “The benefits of yoga are being recognized and experienced by more and more people. New yoga studios are popping up everywhere and a significant number of yoga students are getting trained to be yoga teachers” (yogawarehouse).

As you deepen your yoga practice, you will feel like learning more about yoga from the basic history or benefit of yoga or proper alignment for asana practice. According to the internet article, “a January 2016 Yoga Alliance study revealed that for every current yoga teacher, there are two teachers in training. And it’s not just longtime yogis who want to put themselves at the head of the class—among those trainees, nearly one in three has been practicing for two years or less.

Naturally, studios are responding to this demand by launching a range of new, often-innovative teacher training and mentorship programs. While the typical 200-hour, Yoga Alliance-approved certification program has always been pretty standardized—with an emphasis on pose alignment, anatomy, and yoga philosophy” (teenvogue).  It may seem so difficult to get yoga teacher training especially for those have been practicing yoga for a short period of time, but it doesn’t matter if you are willing to learn more about yoga whether you become a yoga teacher right away or not.

Nowadays, there are many yoga studios that offer yoga teacher trainings. Each studio has a very unique teacher training program, and yoga teacher training will continue to grow to meet the demand of yoga in future. Although new yoga style might be created, most yoga teacher training will cover both traditional and modern yoga style to send out new yoga teachers to the world!