students in yoga teacher training

Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. Some stop practicing because they don’t see or don’t practice it long enough to understand it’s incredible benefits in their lives. For those whose lives are in need of practicing yoga daily or for those who diligently practicing yoga for years there always comes a point where you don’t know what the next step is with yoga. The question becomes now what? Where do you take your practice? About seven years ago I was asking myself that same question and actually all signs point to give a teacher training. I like most starting out thought I could live my passion by simply getting certified getting teaching jobs and eventually becoming a full-time yoga teacher but it wasn’t that easy. So here are 5 reasons of how becoming a yoga teacher will change your life:

  1. Through you’re yoga training, you’ll begin the process of start thinking like a teacher and for that you will begin to realize that being a teacher and helping others is a far more rewarding then one could ever imagine. Whether you decide to open your own studio or just teach part-time at another;
  1. It is when we are in yoga teacher training program believing we are full of life and passion only defined that we have been living a false life and self ytt awakened something that has laid their dormant for years the chance to be oneself. There is an innocence and carefree part of us that longs to be a child again and yoga teacher training give you permission again to do that.
  1. Yoga teacher training allows you to immerse yourself into truly becoming an expert; it makes you an expert on the other parts of practicing yoga mudras, pranayama, meditation and these increase skills enhance your overall personal practice to the next level.
  1. Practicing yoga connects you to like minded people; who in the end you become even closer to then sometimes your own family. This is because you are with people who are living yoga and who can very quickly can  see past the false self that most people live!
  1. Practicing loving kindness and compassion! This does not mean that we all go around hugging each other all day long. It simply means that you’re willing to put the same amount of energy into love that you normally would into anger or fear. It takes the same amount of effort, so why not pick the good side?

Take a yoga teacher training, teaches us that there are only two truths in this world: everyone wants to be loved. Everything else is secondary.