Winnipeg Manitoba


Winnipeg is the largest city in the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is also the cultural and financial centre for the province. With almost a million people Winnipeg is also home to many national attractions like the Human Rights Museum of Canada. As well. 

Things To do In Winnipeg

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The Canadian Human Rights Museum Winnipeg Manitoba

There are several unique things regarding Canadian Museum of Human Rights. First it’s the first national museum outside of Ottawa and has been 50 years in the making, going back to 1967.  It focuses specifically on helping those in Canadian society to understand human rights better within Canada. Definitely worth a visit.

Winnipeg Jets 

The Jets are a NHL team that has back in the city since 2011. Prior to that they were in fear it’s Arizona but the save the Jets campaign brought them back to the city.  The Winnipeg Jets have very devoted fan base.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 

This CFL team has been around since the 1950s. They are eleven-time Grey Cup champions.

Trips From Winnipeg

Grand Beach

Close to Winnipeg this almost Caribbean like beach offers beautiful warm water to take a day trip from Winnipeg. Popular for water skiing, fishing as well as kayaking and windsurfing.

St. Pierre 

Only about 45 minutes from Winnipeg, the annual summer fair is the National Frog Jumping Championships. The kids can watch frogs race to see who can jump the furthest.

Stony Mountain Ski Area

Stony Mountain Ski Area that has several well groomed trails. The ski hill is open for as long as the snow is on the ground. In April the ski area hosts the Slush Cup


There’s more to Gimli then the Gimli Glider which was you’re playing in the 1980s that situated northeast of Winnipeg. This beautiful town situated on the south part Winnipeg Lake offers world class fishing.