Toronto Ontario


Toronto is the largest city within Canada and is the capital of the province of Ontario. With an overall population of 5 million including the greater Toronto area, known as The Golden Horseshoe makes it the largest conglomerate of Canadians within the country.   

Toronto is headquarters to many corporate headquarters, it is the business and investment center of the country. Toronto is also one of the most multicultural cities within Canada with the majority not speaking English as a first language, representing more than 50% of the population.

Activities In Toronto

CN Tower

Built in the early seventies this was a structural and construction extravaganza and it still stands over 50 years later as the centerpiece for Toronto skyline.  It offers the skydeck as well as other new activities of the EdgeWalk which is a harnessed outside walking of the tower at 1100 ft.

The Beaches

This is where the hippies in the 1970s happened in Canada is sort of the Haight and Ashbury version of Canada. Today it has been gentrified multiple times and now these hippies are yuppies. With many yoga studios and Starbucks now, as well as they love the beautiful beach and boardwalk.

Kensington Market

This vibrant outdoor Market that been around since the 1940s; it is also the neighbourhood of the world-renowned George Brown College; it’s also the setting for the famous Canadian TV show King of Kensington starring Al Waxman.

The Eaton Center

Constructed in the early 1980s this was the first Eaton Centre that became a anchor chain in the downtown core is amongst many Canadian cities. Though it still stands at the only real Eaton Centre left in Canada it is still the centerpiece of downtown shops and go shopping and still offers over 300 stores that Pizza Red Stick inside setting.

Trips From Toronto


Almost there 3 hours away from downtown Toronto, located at the end of the Bruce Peninsula at the end of the cliffs Home Depot aquatic Waters as well as the ferry to Manitou Island worth the day trip just to see this splendid outdoor beauty of the place. 

Algonquin Park

One of the most beautiful natural settings in Ontario, just over two and a half hours away from Toronto. With over 2,000 square kilometres of rolling hills and clean haunting lakes. It is a popular location with hundreds of kilometres of portage trails and lakes; as well as day and weekend camping sites.

Niagara Falls

The Falls is a tourist mecca about 2 hours away from Toronto. Aside from the 100 foot waterfalls the town is a mecca for many tourist attractions like the Wax Museum and Marineland. As well as the Skylon Tower offering 700 foot views over the falls.