There Was A Time

There was a time when one would have to travel to India to learn yoga. After finding a yogi

willing to teach you, and learning Hindi, only then would you be able to learn.

My how times have changed! Now you can travel up 20 places in Vancouver area to become a yoga teacher. Since yoga has come to America it has undergone massive transformation. The lineages have expanded and new styles are being born. However, the value and respect for the teacher has never been lost.

In The Past

In the past it was most common for one to attend a yoga teacher training at a studio, or travel to a destination event. Both of these ways to learn are still very popular, and new ways are also being offered. Most excitingly is the new ways that yoga teacher training in America has changed.


The first way yoga teacher trainings have changed is the teachers. Every year that passes more students become teachers and more unique teaching perspectives are offered.

Now more than ever one can choose to learn Yoga not just from who is available, but who they personally resonate with most and you do not need to go farther than Vancouver to do that. The sheer number of teaching certification programs does have a drawback however.

The quality of teaching and content taught can in some instances veer too far from the true core of yoga. This is bound to happen with so many teachers around the world.


The second way that yoga teacher trainings have changed is that they are now available digitally, and instantly wherever you are.

Many teachers have created digital flows, classes, personalized training, and even YYTs. You can now learn from anyone anywhere in the world. This has expanded the reach of yoga beyond what the first Yogis in America could have ever imagined.

In End

These factors leave prospective students with the duty of diligently selecting the right style an teacher for them. And once finished their yoga teacher training (YYT) they will have the honour of caring the teachings of yoga onto the next generation.