Lots Reasons

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to take a Yoga Teacher Training (ytt); get a job, deepen your personal practice, or just for fun. Yoga is often associated with personal wellness and growth, but what about learning to teach? What many people don’t realize is that a YYT is a powerful opportunity for personal development.

More Than Poses

Yoga, as many practitioners know, is far more than just a bunch of poses. It’s a personal practice that, when stuck to with dedication, can deepen one’s connection to themselves. Through the struggles of intense asana sessions one can witness their own inner strength. This strength can then be called upon in other life situations.

Further, one might discover a deep sense of inner peace through pranayama or meditation. Such experiences can be accessed daily through practice and can help reduce stress and increase their productivity.

These Experience

These experiences are all well and good, and can come to someone who hasn’t taken a teacher training. For those dedicated to enough to take a YYT there are unique challenges that will enrich and strengthen each person.

First off, most YYT are intensive style, where you focus on yoga every day for two weeks. The style of these trainings puts our habits into question, as our reliance on distracting electronics is broken.

Because we are being immersed in yoga, our bad habits get replaced with yogic philosophy and techniques. This can deeply rewire our brains and change our personal expression in a significant way.

Lastly, these trainings are not done in isolation, as trainings offered worldwide are group trainings. Whenever we join a group or team where all individuals have the same goal there is opportunity for social growth. The greatest growth one can make in life comes with the support of friends.

In The End

Being in a YYT – be Vancouver, Bali or London – surrounded by like-minded people, will create a ripe environment for new and challenging discussions. Talking our new ideas, and our own perspectives helps us develop mentally as well as stretch our social muscles.

All of these elements make a YYT a potent and fertile environment for personal growth and development. Taking a YYT is sure to leave you transformed physically, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually.