teachers wait for the start of a yoga class

Yoga Is Simple

In many cities in Canada from people start their days with doing yoga. I personally only do it for about 30 minutes daily, but it wakes me up, makes my body warm, and most importantly clears my mind. 

I am not able to do impressive poses with my body upside down or my body lifted with my arms, but I feel good about myself every time after I finish yoga. 

The Same Video

Every morning – as part of my online yoga teacher training (ytt) – I play the same YouTube video and follows the yoga instructor, but every day it feels different, and my body feels different. Some days I am pushing myself more, some days I am not able to focus much. 

Not just the poses but being able to pay attention to breathing makes me understand the condition of my body and mind. Some days are very challenging to breath deep and calmly and then I think of the possible reasons why that is the case. 

teacher leading students in an outdoor yoga class


Yoga gives me the chance to reflect on my actions, feelings, and current situations I am in. Every and each day I feel like I have a different body and mind and I could not tell that before doing yoga every day. 

Doing yoga makes me realize the condition of my body and mind and yoga works like a barometer to understand myself. 


I used to do yoga as an exercise before and in every class. I tried to lift my legs higher and bend my body more to compete with the classmates and I felt ashamed when I could not keep up with the class. 

I did not pay attention to my breathing or posture much because I did not care about them and did not know the importance of the right posture and breathing. 

It was when I got injured which made me realize that competing with others is not important and working on my own pace and listening to my own body is important. 


Since this realization, I am able to focus on myself and separate myself from the thoughts that used to tell me to compete with others and look good. This realization has impacted me outside the yoga class. I used to care so much about what others think about me. 

I still do care about what my family and close friends think of me. But at the same time, I believe that my family and close friends will understand and accept me for who I am, so I am able to be true self around them. 

student doing boat pose in an outdoor yoga class


I am not pretending to be someone else nor trying to please others and it feels like so much weight on my shoulder has been removed and I can move freely now. Yoga is not just an exercise; it has made my life better already and it will continue to support both my physical and mental health going forward.

I am looking forward to experiencing changes in me through yoga. I very much believe that yoga can make people’s lives better. 

In The End

I am not yet to reach their level of understanding yoga and am not yet there to affect others through yoga. As I learn more about yoga and aspects of yoga that improve the quality of life, I would love to share my knowledge with others and maybe contribute in some way to improve their quality of life.