Yoga is a practice that honours the body, mind and spirit. It provides an opportunity to connect to lifegiving breath, to heal and escape the demands of the daily stress. It is a time to give to ourselves, to
feed the soul, nurture the body and mind and experience all the wonderful benefits of the practice.
Yoga is beneficial to everyone and those who choose to do yoga – be it a yoga class or yoga teacher training – I believe, are of better service to the people around them.

Most people have some degree of physical limitation and may experience pains and strains in their
body. This may be due to injury, poor posture, physically demanding careers, inactivity or physical
disability. Yoga postures are designed to safely create length, tone and strengthen muscles and joints.
Yoga also promotes increased blood and lymph circulation which is very important for detoxification.
It also stimulates the inner systems of the body which results in more vitality and increased energy.
The benefits of exercise are well-known in today’s society and yoga is becoming arguably one of the
most safe and effective forms of physical exercise available.

While there are many physical benefits to doing yoga – be it a yoga class or yoga teacher training – there is also the mental/emotional component that is a unique aspect of the practice. Meditation is an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice.

It is an exercise for the mind and coupled with conscious breath, helps to condition the mind and body
to relax. This encourages the body to re-set itself and shifts the nervous system into a parasympathetic
state. In this state the body is taken out of the ‘fight or flight’ response and the inner systems ie; organs,
endocrines and energy systems are able function properly.

There is also a wonderfully rich spiritual component to yoga. During our practice, while experiencing
all the above mentioned benefits, there is also an intangible experience that occurs as we tune ourselves
inward. We can experience powerful states of deepened awareness and feel a strong connection to all.
This is referred to as a state of enlightenment. It is the highest level that one can achieve and an
incredibly healing experience of unconditional love.