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Why Should You Do A YTT: Yoga Teacher Training?

It’s really good question to ask yourself. The fact that doing a ytt now is an exponential activity many people of all ages and economic backgrounds do; it’s still a really good question.

This is because a ytt is an expensive and time-consuming activity. Here are a few reasons of why you should do a yoga teacher training

Personal Growth

Most people don’t grow in life for two reasons: 1. they don’t know what is truly important to them and 2. the other is they lack the courage to break away from their normal habitual thought patterns to pursue them. 

Yoga is a very effective way to allow one to hear their inner voice and yoga also allows you to be braver with yourself and to listen to that inner voice to pursue what’s important to you.

Students in a yoga teacher training

Personal Issues

Yoga is a hard physical activity to pin down; it’s not exactly a cardiovascular or a weight training; it’s a little bit of both.

Yoga has the best of both worlds; it’s a slow-moving cardio with resistance training based on one’s own body weight.

In turn this means yoga can be done by anybody and it also research shows that yoga gives one the biggest bang for their buck in that it provides a progressive powerful change of the internal and physical bodies.

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Become A Yoga Teacher 

Probably the least important reason you should take a yoga teacher training is to become a yoga teacher.  You should do one for the above reasons: for the physical and personal growth benefits.

But  taking yoga training does give you the opportunity to pursue a job as a yoga teacher. Which is a rewarding job for the soul, mind and body.

In Conclusion

You should ask the question: should you do a ytt! You should do this primarily for the fact that doing a yoga teacher training is time-consuming and can be very expensive.