Yoga’s popularity has increased exponentially over the last decade. The price to practice yoga has too.

If yoga is beneficial to everyone, shouldn’t it be accessible to all? The questions still remains; why is
yoga so expensive?

As with any growing trend, there is a momentum involved. Since yoga has become so popular,
naturally there are more people offering it and more studios opening up. It has become a competitive
market. Many are capitalizing from the growing demand. We see many yoga related adds, yoga retail
being advertised and more studios consistently popping up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however,
the mentality surrounding yoga as a business seems to be affecting the price and motives behind how
yoga is being offered. As with any business, there are costs to cover; studio rental fees, bills, insurance,
marketing and advertising etc… However, the profit margin seems to be growing, making it harder for
many people to afford.

It is understandable that with any business, there is a desire to increase profit, however, when the
practice of yoga becomes more a business rather than a conscious based offering, it dilutes the true
purpose. It becomes more difficult for people who to want to practice yoga, which is the dilemma we
face. Yoga is a very powerful, healing practice, meant to be shared with all. I myself, have had to take my practice home, while I am financially not able to afford the cost. I attend karma classes, which are usually half the cost of regular classes, and much more affordable. Although, karma classes often fill very fast making it hard to get it. The number of those attending these less expensive, karma based
classes are an indication of the number of people in the same boat as me.

While prices seem to be going up, some studios are offering more conscious rates. It’s a good idea to
shop around for the right studio. To decide for yourself what an affordable rate is, depending on your
income and to chose a studio that resonates with you. The truth is that we don’t want to undervalue
yoga either. Many teachers have spent a lot of money on their training and devoted an incredible
amount of time and energy to develop their practice. What we receive during a yoga practice, is often a priceless experience. So, while we honour the value of practicing yoga in a serene studio, sharing the
experience with others while being lead by a strong teacher, we can also hope that there is awareness of the cost factor. We can hope that it becomes more affordable for all.