women doing yoga outsideWhen You Know You Are Ready To Teach Yoga

All of us, at one point either at home or at a yoga studio practicing yoga have thought about the idea of being a your teacher. 

Many think it’s a way to a simple and lucrative career and to avoid one personal or work issues. At the end of the day, the simple desire to be a yoga teacher is not enough. There are certain things you should consider seriously before you know you’re ready to be a yoga teacher,  here are four of them: 

1. Its A Passion

I am completely guilty of this myself. When I first considered doing the yoga teacher training (ytt) I thought that I like yoga enough. But doing the ytt was me trying to get pass recent business failures and I was looking a steady income. 

Despite that I did my yoga teacher training on a leap of faith. Once I got into the business end of yoga, I started to realize that I really loved for yoga. And that it was yoga as the topic that I needed to make if it’s successful. 

So what does this mean? Ideally, it would mean  you have read all the yoga texts and want to practice yoga 24/7; but that’s not realistic for most people.

In my case, there was a leap of faith that there was something about yoga that was unique and something about yoga that would allow me to push through the difficult times of starting a yoga business. 

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2. You Got A Steady Job

Unless you have a lot of savings, a trust fund or are retired, you should have a steady income while becoming a yoga teacher. 

The process of taking a yoga teacher training can range from a month to a year.  And when you start to teach it can even take a few more years to make a steady income as a yoga teacher.

So unless you’re prepared to live at the poverty level income; you should try to assure you have savings or a job to hold you tight while you  become a yoga teacher.

a yoga class on Kits beach in Vancouver3. Living Yoga

Anyone who has taken a good yoga class knows a good yoga teacher is a solid genuine person. Yoga teachers are spiritual guides to help others on their personal journeys. 

This doesn’t mean someone who is almost obnoxiously overly loving or someone who is stoic; as if they’re the know-it-all for yoga. It’s about a real human being teaching the traditional tools of yoga (e.g yoga  poses, mudras, etc), and conveying it in a way that is no different than a professional would do the same in counselling. 

The point here is that yoga teachers are not counselors, but they are people who are trying to help others figure out what their values, their traumas and what not are through yoga.

In the end, this blog is about two things: 1. should you be a yoga teacher – which is a completely different topic all together, and 2.  when you know you’re ready to become a yoga teacher. Having a passion,  living yoga and other reasons, are solid reasons to know you are ready to register for yoga teacher training to begin the process of becoming a yoga teacher.