When I think of what the soul means, I think of what I see in my own soul, but I know that is actuality, it is what I believe makes my soul. 

Regardless of where you live – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’s – there are many different things that we see that can bring peace. 

Spirituality and what we as people sense to bring a better understanding of our surroundings and what guides us to be. What feeds our soul to keep us healthy and strong. 


For me, going for hikes into nature feeds my soul and gives me guidance to quiet my mind and to just be in the moment. 

I no longer think about what has gone on during my day, or what tomorrow will bring. 

When I am out in nature I am present in that lovely of what creation; mother nature, has offered to show me while I am out in nature. 


The birds that are chirping, are inviting me to join them. It tells me that I am there with them in their nature and offer me the space. 

The soul is about getting to know oneself better, and to understand oneself more. It is about a higher power, but my power. Just as when I am participating in yoga (and did my yoga teacher training), listening to my body and what is telling me through the poses. 

As an example, why I am carrying tension in my shoulders. If I listen to and accept that the tension is due to an increase in stress and I acknowledge and let go of the tension. Then all of a sudden my shoulders can start to relax, Soul is about listening and accepting and wanting to find a better balance in all life’s aspects. 


Soul is about learning that there is a higher power that I cannot control, Since I cannot control, it is always having to learn to accept and understand in all of my being to try to be the best all around person in mind, spirit and body

Soul is something that can be improved upon, wanting to learn all that you can. It also is being with and accepting all nature, humans, and whatever else the creator decides to share. 


Again for myself, soul is about learning and living the best life as I can. I want to be as healthy as I can by continuing to exercise, meditate and through yoga. 

I also want to share my knowledge and passions with anyone that is wanting to learn from me. I am still learning to be accepting of my choices, my body and thoughts. 


I am always working on this, but I believe that a person should always be a work in progress and always trying to learn and teach others of what they have learnt. 

I believe that soul is never fully achieved in life, unless you are the creator, or divine being. I think we all try to achieve to be great in all that we are, but there is never perfection. 

We and I included, need to be aware and be in the moment, and not take any part of life for granted or selfishly. We all are trying to achieve greatness in one form or another.