the soul rising from a bodWhat the Soul Means?

I must admit I have been procrastinating trying to answer what this means to me, not an easy question! Dr. Acharya Yogeesh certainly was correct by saying there are no words or phrases that can capture what can not be explained. So, in this blog I will do a deep dive and look within myself.

Self Betrayal

I think I need to start with self-betrayal. As a teenager I was extremely introverted and did not fit in with the crowd. This lessened a bit as I grew older but I still felt inadequate. No self-compassion or forgiveness for my self. Living in a kind of vacuum where I moved through life doing what everyone expected of me but not really knowing who I was, this changed when I brought yoga into my life. 

two souls huggingI think it was when I began yoga that the awareness or realization of intuition or following our gut started to seep into my consciousness. I can give countless examples of ignoring “myself” and giving way to others opinions or wishes that felt like little betrayals or deaths of my soul. I’m not talking about the many compromises that comes with being in relationships but the ones that go deep against your inner being. 


On reflecting back the first realization of an instance that triggered the awareness of intuition was huge for me. It happened many years ago where there was this instance where I was going into a store and when I opened the door to enter there was a person standing with his back to me and I immediately felt in my gut I should turn around and leave. It doesn’t sound like much putting it into words but the physical impact in my gut was so huge I could not ignore it.  I can remember it so strongly to this day; that was the day I realized there was something in me I wasn’t acknowledging. 

the soulI looked up the meaning of the word “intuition” because I believe that is our inner guidance system or soul. Google states intuition has four components mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. I believe maybe we have a bit of all of these. I think maybe the instance where I backed out of the store was psychic intuition and emotional intuition; I could feel his energy and in hindsight it was not nice. 


I find it so interesting to look back and see how I navigated my life from being unaware to where I am today. As I progress through my yoga teacher training (ytt) venture down new roads, practice yoga and meditate on a daily basis I will gain new insights and perspectives. I don’t know if I’m on the right track to what the soul is, I feel I am; but I’m just beginning the journey into asking myself these questions…and I’m discovering once asked they are always in your mind. I find myself looking forward to new discoveries!

In Conclusion

The journey of self-discovery and understanding what the soul means is deeply personal and ever-evolving. Through the lens of my own experiences, I’ve come to perceive the soul as a profound inner guidance system – a beacon of intuitive wisdom that signals us when to forge ahead or retreat. It’s an amalgamation of mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual components that drives our authentic selves and shapes our interactions with the world.

the human soulEmbracing my ytt and yoga has been a transformative step in acknowledging this powerful internal compass. By tuning into my intuition, I’ve learned to discern between necessary compromises and those that undercut my sense of self. By paying heed to this intuitive voice, I’ve begun to alleviate self-betrayal and cultivate self-compassion.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Each day brings new insights and opportunities to deepen my connection with my soul. As I continue to practice yoga, meditate, and dive deeper into this exploration, I anticipate encountering more revelations about my soul and its wisdom. While the question, ‘What does the soul mean?’ can be daunting, it’s also an invitation to uncharted self-exploration and personal growth. It’s a challenge I eagerly embrace, knowing each step leads to a richer understanding of myself and my place in the world.